This week, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders rolled out his "Medicare for All" bill that would finally bring Universal Health Care to the United States. Less than 24 hours later and President Donald Trump was quick to speak out on the issue.

Trump on Bernie

Since the start of the 2016 presidential election, the two names that stood out to rock the system was Donald Trump on the right, and Bernie Sanders on the left. Trump first announced his plan to run for president on the floor of Trump Tower in June 2015, doing so as a candidate in the Republican primary.

Despite the odds against him, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to pull off the upset and be named the GOP nominee last summer. On the other side of the aisle, Bernie Sanders pushed Hillary Clinton to her limits in the Democratic primary but ultimately fell short, despite many supporters of the senator believing the DNC conspired against him. With Trump now in the White House and Sanders remaining in the Senate, the battle of ideas continues, which is no different over the current fight on health care. While Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," Sanders is pushing to go to a universal health care system, which was evident in his new bill. Responding to Sanders in a pair of tweets on September 14 was Trump who vowed to veto the legislation if it ever made it to his desk.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday afternoon was Donald Trump who ripped into Bernie Sanders for pushing the idea of single-payer health care, while labeling his bill a "curse." "Bernie Sanders is pushing hard for a single payer healthcare plan - a curse on the U.S.

& its people," Trump tweeted out. "I told Republicans to approve healthcare fast or this would happen," Trump continued, taking a shot at his own party in the process. "But don't worry, I will veto because I love our country & its people," he concluded.

Twitter responds

Within minutes of sending out his tweet attacking Bernie Sanders, critics of the president lashed out on social media.

"A curse of healthcare?" one Twitter user wondered, which was answered by another who wrote, "Yes, that sums up the #GOPfail view. If you can't afford to live...oh well." author Stephen King chimed in, tweeting, "Trump promises to veto single payer health care, should it get to his desk. No surprise. His rich friends wouldn't like that at all."

"Yes cause people not having to worry about money while dying is a horrible thing!

Why make it easier for them President Trump," one tweet read. "Yep, a healthy population is such a curse!" another social media user added.

"Oh look, there goes Donny talking about himself again," an additional tweet read with sarcasm. "You. You're the curse on this nation. That will be broken once we find the magic goblet and break it," a Twitter user posted. As the backlash continued it showed that the fight over health care in the United States was far from over.