Tomi Lahren was recently released from her contract with The Blaze and as such has found herself a new job with Fox News. The star has been hired as a contributor who is allowed to talk about a variety of political issues. For those who are familiar with Tomi Lahren, they know that the journalist has some strong opinions about American politics.

The journalist is as controversial as ever

According to A.V Club, journalist Tomi Lahren had an interesting first day at her new job with Fox News as she has suggested that the network is a propaganda front.

The journalist revealed that Fox News is continuously covering news of Hilary Clinton's email scandal in response to the continued media coverage of Trump's potential altercations with Russia back in the 2016 election.

Lahren spoke candidly about the manner in which networks needlessly cover the same material repeatedly to bring in ratings rather than to talk about actual news. The journalist offered a proposition that if other news outlets stop reporting on Trump and Russia that Fox News will drop the Hilary Clinton email scandal.

In a report by Elite Daily, it appears that Fox News is fully backing the journalist's proposition as they shared it through social media. Fox News also quoted Tomi Lahren and fans are wondering if the journalist's honesty will come back in a negative way for the star.

The star was fired from her role with The Blaze

According to Salon, Tomi Lahren has already been a problem for another high profile employer, and she was subsequently fired from her position with The Blaze. Lahren has come forward and claimed that she was fired from her job with The Blaze because of her pro-choice views; however, reports have recently surfaced claiming that Lahren is extremely difficult to work with.

The Blaze has released a statement about their decision to let Lahren go and have argued that she was problematic and often liked to ridicule and bully her fellow co-workers. The company has claimed that Lahren would complain about everything she possibly could from lighting to temperature and that she was making impossible demands from the people whom she worked with.

The Blaze came to an agreement with Lahren as her contract with them was terminated. The star is allowed to control her Facebook page, which the company previously had the rights to; however, Lahren must remove all content, which is connected with The Blaze and is not allowed to speak about the company in any way.

There have been no repercussions for Tomi Lahren as of yet, and fans are waiting to see if the journalist will be let go by her new network.