Kylie Jenner has shared one of her fear with her fans in the latest episode of her new Reality Tv Series "Life of Kylie" as she revealed that she is afraid of butterflies. Fans were brought to laughter as Jenner came face-to-face with one of her biggest fears and Jenner did not mind making a fool of herself as she opened up about her phobia of butterflies.

Fear of butterflies was exposed on 'Life of Kylie'

According to Jezebel, the latest episode of "Life Of Kylie" has revealed that celebrity Kylie Jenner is afraid of butterflies. The star and one of her friends went to London Zoo where they found themselves in a butterfly sanctuary.

Kylie was unaware of where she was being led and walked through a curtain into the sanctuary. The celebrity immediately became uncomfortable in the situation and admitted that she was terrified of the insects.

A worker at London Zoo who was giving the two girls a tour stated that butterflies were in no way dangerous to humans but this did not reassure Kylie Jenner. Fans were highly amused that the A List celebrity and model has a phobia of butterflies. Fans were not the only ones who found this hilarious as Kylie's friend Jordyn Woods was in stitches as she watched her friend try to dodge the butterflies.

Kylie Jenner opens up about her fear of the bugs

According to E! News, Kylie Jenner opened up about her unusual fear of butterflies in the newest episode of "Life Of Kylie." Jenner was terrified that one of the insects would land on her and explained that she is terrified of all butterflies.

Her friend Jordyn tried to explain to Kylie that butterflies were harmless and beautiful but that star did not appear to care.

Kylie Jenner revealed that her fear of butterflies is something that she has kept secret up until now. The star has claimed that she has always been afraid of butterflies but that she has no real reason as to why this is the case.

The star tried to explain why she does not like the insects and has claimed that if one were to cut off their wings that they would look like bugs.

In a report by the Mirror, Kylie has revealed that butterflies are not beautiful and if one were to simply look at their body, they would see how disgusting the insects really are.

Jenner is revealing more and more about herself on her new reality TV series "Life Of Kylie" and while the show has covered some intense topics fans were humored to see that Jenner will also be tackling the smaller ones too.

The "Life Of Kylie" star has also opened up about her break up with former boyfriend Tyga and fans are delighted that Kylie is being so open with her audience.