Tomi Lahren is a well-known conservative political figure. Lahren recently joined Fox News as a contributor and in a newly screened show expressed her beliefs surrounding the resistance from the "left." Lahren drew attention to the hatred of the current President Donald Trump and has claimed that people are making hasty decisions, which are affecting the country as a whole.

The public takes focused on hate

According to Fox News, Tomi Lahren has come forward with claims that the people who support the left are too focused on hatred. Lahren has expressed that this is preventing the progression of the country and that instead of looking at Trump's decisions with an objective perspective that they are instead aggressive towards ideas presented by the current President of the United States.

Lahren has revealed that President Donald Trump has been referred to as a white supremacist. The contributor stated that this is simply a tactic by the "left" to create unnecessary problems throughout the country. Lahren has stated that he "left" are completely consumed by identity politics and by throwing around the word "white supremacist" that they are actually silencing individual voices.

In a report by TMZ, Tomi Lahren has stated that people are still going to oppose her opinions on these matters simply because she is a conservative and they are not. The controversial contributor stated that these "left" individuals are completely consumed by their hatred of Trump and are letting it affect the country as a whole.

Lahren addresses the resistance

According to Fox News, Tomi Lahren has called out several individuals for their efforts in resisting the "right." Lahren has claimed that the "left" are taking their resistance to President Donald Trump and his reforms to an entirely new level. Lahren argued that there is an elementary school, which has banned the reading of the Dr.

Seuss novels as they contain racist content.

Lahren has explained that both Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton have claimed in the past to have read the books and that this is evidence the "left" is taking things too far. The contributor has stated that the "left" are affecting their children's quality of life and education by this ongoing resistance to the President of the United States.

Tomi Lahren has not commented any further on her claims. However, the contributor is sure to be asked about these opinions in the near future and fans are looking forward to the answer she gives.