Agent Alex Foster meets Gina with a personal issue in People Of EarthSeason 2, Episode 9 titled “Truth or Dare.” Meanwhile, Eric blackmails Jeff, and the latter gets support from someone unexpected. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episode of the series.

Official episode 9 synopsis

Richard takes the legal route to teach his employer a lesson. He sues the employer for wrongly terminating his services. Meanwhile, Gina is visited by Agent Foster, and she has a personal problem to discuss. Jonathan Walsh is ready to help Jeff when he is blackmailed by Eric.

Agent Foster goes to Gina with a personal problem. Richard sues his employer for wrongful termination with the help of the group as character witnesses. Jeff is blackmailed by Eric and Jonathan Walsh offers his support,” reads the official synopsis of the upcoming episode of the show from TV guide.

Episode 8 quick recap

The episode starts off with Gerry working on his miniature spaceship in the middle of the night, and Yvonne is worried about him. He remembers when he was in the spaceship and he was given the green capsule. He is ready to install it in his spaceship. He is warned by the floating cube in the spaceship that he will need the capsule when the fives are two.

Meanwhile, the next day Gina announces that she has convinced Agent Foster to come with them to the Alien Experiencer Expo.

Gina tells her that all the people she will meet at the expo have been silenced just like her. She added that these people saw things that no one else believed, and they are searching for answers. According to Gina, the expo is a great place to find out what happened to Ozzie. Alex is looking for clues that might help her find out about the death of Ozzie.

Meanwhile, on the spaceship, Jeff the Grey is trying to find out the fate of their people as he heard some disturbing rumors. He is trying to contact the leadership council but is unable to connect. Don the White asks if Jeff is okay, and he tells him that Eric might be correct about him being the last grey in the universe.

Meanwhile, Don is unable to locate the lost baby and Jeff helps him.

The episode also focused on Gina meeting Leonard Bechdal, a popular novelist who wrote about alien abduction, at the expo to discuss her story. Towards the end of the episode, Gina is offered money by Bechdal for sharing her story about group abduction, which according to him is a great “angle.” But Gina declines the offer.

Fans can catch the latest episode of “People of Earth” season 2 on TBS on Monday, Sept. 18. The viewers can also watch the episode online in the U.S. on Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Prime.