"The Haves and the Have Nots" continued on Tuesday, September 5 with more drama from writer, creator, director and producer Tyler Perry. Viewers were led to believe this episode was going to be the finale. However, according to information online and commercials on OWN, the finale is next week on Tuesday, September 12. Fans are glad they are getting to see one more episode before the season ends.

Recent episode

The recent episode was entitled, "For the Team." Those were words from Jim Cryer after he had seduced and slept with his estranged wife.

He admitted to David had he was trying to gain Katheryn's trust by sleeping with her. He summarized it as disgusting and one of the worst things he has ever done, but he did it for the team. He was referring to DA Jennifer Sallison's murder where he, Katheryn, David, and Veronica are all involved.

This episode showed that Erica is now staying with David after she lied about someone being after her. Wyatt's relationship with Anna is developing into something more serious. Jeffrey told Justin he needs help because Justin is infatuated over Jeffery. Needless to say, Justin didn't take the advice kindly.

Hanna, Benny and Candace in funeral home

The last few minutes of the episode were quite intense.

Hanna and Benny were at the funeral parlor going over the arrangements for little Q's funeral that was scheduled for the next day. Things were going well until Candace walked in. She was picky, rude, and said some evil things to Hanna. She had done that many times before to her own mother, but she also lashed out at her brother which she has never done before.

Benny also stood up to her as he had never done before especially when she blamed Hanna for the boy's death. There was a lot of arguing going on right in front of the director of the funeral home.

Candace insisted on getting her way. She argued over which casket she wanted, ripped up the bulletin with the order of service, changed the date of the funeral and argued about where to bury her son.

In her rage, she flipped open the casket that she said she didn't want and for a split second Candace saw the body of Quincy, Jr. and she became very emotional.

Next week's finale

Next week's finale is entitled "The Veronica Show." That's because Veronica will dominate most of the scenes. She will do what she had threatened Jeffrey and Justin she would do. She turns in her own son, and she exposes Justin to his wife who is the judge on her case.

The preview for the finale showed a car crash. Viewers might have an idea who was in the car based on conversations between Justin and Veronica and David and Jeffrey about Veronica. The car crash is more like what usually happens on a finale than what happened on the recent episode. Watch the season's finale on September 12 on OWN at 9 p.m.