"The Haves and the Have Nots" has just two more episodes before the season ends. There are a lot of loose ends that Tyler Perry needs to tie up. With only two more hours left in the series, it is unlikely that there will be closure to all the unresolved issues. Perry has the habit of leaving viewers with cliffhangers.

Candace and Warlock

Candace has a lot to deal with, including learning about the death of her son, Quincy Jr., who was fatally shot by Warlock. She blamed Hanna for the death. In fact, she told her mother she wished she had died instead of her son.

In the middle of her grief, Candace wanted revenge. She asked Mitch to kill Warlock. They arranged for Warlock to meet at Mama Rose's restaurant where he was killed when he came after Candace. Viewers are wondering why Perry didn't write the script for guests to be out of the restaurant during the shootout. Many people were killed by the gunfire, including Warlock just as he killed Candace's son in his shootout in the motel last season.

Candace had suspicions about Erica and Warlock's relationship. It will be interesting to see how Erica will explain her relationship with Candace's nemesis. If that doesn't come full circle during the next two episodes, then it will be on the slate for the next season.

Charles and Landon

Charles is set on getting Candace to agree to his terms. His campaign manager, Landon, is trying to protect Charles from Candace because he knows about her past. Landon was surprised when his boss informed him that he has a criminal past just as bad as Candace's. Charles would go to any length to get Candace, but she is not willing to give up Benny, her own brother, in order for her record to be wiped clean as Charles suggested.

Wyatt speaks against his parents

The detectives went to question Wyatt about his parents' involvement in Jennifer Sallison's murder. Wyatt didn't know that Sallison had been murdered, but he answered every question he was asked. He told the detectives how Sallison had helped him get his $12 million inheritance from his parents without their knowledge.

That happened two years ago in the summer of 2015, proving how long Perry goes without bringing closure to unresolved issues.

What to expect in the next two episodes

With only two more episodes before the season's finale, it looks like some things are going to be left hanging. Veronica has a lot of unfinished business with Erica, David, Jeffrey, Melissa, Justin, Katheryn and Benny. Therefore, she might be the focus of the final episodes that end on September 12. However, don't be disappointed when you find out that some issues are carried over to the next season.