"The Haves and the Have Nots" finale was aired on Tuesday night, September 12, 2017. Fans will have to wait until next year to see what will happen next. Therefore, Tyler Perry gave viewers a lot to think about in the meantime. The last episode of the season was titled "The Veronica Show" for good reasons because Veronica Harrington dominated most of the finale. Before Veronica did her evil deeds, some other things took place.

Candace's rage

Candace's grief over her son's death turned into rage against her mother. She blamed Hanna for little Q's death and said she let him die just to get back at her and make her suffer.

She added by saying she wished Hanna had died instead. Candace told Hanna that she has never hated anyone or anything as much as she hated her. When Hanna talked about God, Candace yelled, "You can have your God."

Before storming out of the room, Candace announced there would be no funeral. Instead, Q would be cremated. Katheryn had arrived and asked Hanna if she wanted her to call the judge. After all, Hanna had custody of her grandson, but Hanna took the high road and said she would say goodbye to Q right then.

Hanna played one of the best parts of the season when she stood over the open casket and talked to Q. She thanked him for bringing joy into her life for such a short time. She found some solace after she cried out to God.

This was evident as she left the room holding hands with Benny and Katheryn.

'The Veronica Show'

Before Veronica left the house, she taunted Melissa by telling her she was lazy, ugly and ghetto. She threw a sandwich at her telling her to eat for the sake of her grandchild she is carrying. As soon as Veronica left, Melissa went to the closet and took out a wire coat hanger.

Viewers knew what she planned to do with it.

Veronica talked to Candace at the hotel and said she was going to be arrested for killing Quincy, but she would get her off if she agreed to let her in on getting even with Erica and David.

Veronica found Jeffrey and Justin together in a room in the hotel. She told Jeffrey she would see him in court.

Justin tried to touch Veronica, and she began screaming about her $4,000 suit and how much black lives matter. Jeffrey insisted that Veronica wouldn't do in court what she had threatened. He was wrong. Disobeying his father and obeying his mother, Jeffrey went to the courtroom where Veronica had him arrested for Quincy's murder after she got Candace off.

Justin's wife was the judge on the Jennifer Sallison case. Veronica asked her to recuse herself. The judge was baffled until Veronica showed the video of Justin in the hotel room with Jeffrey.

Veronica was having a busy day. She got a call about Melissa's attempt to abort her baby with the coat hanger. She picked Melissa up from the hospital, and on the way home, the car was rammed in the back by a truck.

Melissa started laughing and said somebody hated Veronica as much as she does. Melissa grabbed the steering wheel causing the car to go over the cliff. Justin was seen driving away from the scene. The episode did end in a "cliffhanger."

Will Melissa survive the crash? Will she lose the baby? Will Veronica survive the crash? Viewers will find out in the next season when "The Haves and the Have Nots" return in 2018.