D'Andra Simmons claims she wants the best for her stepson, Keatin, as he is trying to figure out what he wants. He moved to Dallas to hang out with his father to see if Texas was for him. They enrolled him in college and they were happy to see him find his own place in the big state. But it didn't take long for him to change his mind and he was quickly packing up to leave Dallas behind. As fans saw on "The Real Housewives of Dallas," D'Andra completely lost her mind when she learned that he was leaving. They had hoped that he would give them some time to process the decision, but Keatin revealed that he had planned everything out and was leaving that night.

According to a new report by Bravo TV, D'Andra Simmons is now speaking out about what it was like to hear that her stepson didn't have the same ambitions that she has. Simmons learned that he was more interested in not going to school and perhaps moving around than he was going to school. She had enrolled him in college and she had hoped he would give it a chance, but he packed up and left sooner than she could process his decision.

Lost control

Fans may have been shocked that D'Andra Simmons lost her cool so quickly on the show.Keatin isn't her son, but she was frustrated with him. Prior to the conversation, Simmons' husband had told her to keep it cool but she clearly couldn't do that.

"Hearing from Jeremy that Keatin wanted to leave really caused a mix of emotions in me.

I felt as though I personally had failed him as his stepparent, and if I had done something different or been more available to him, he would have given Dallas a chance. My heart was broken and I was blaming myself," D'Andra Simmons explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she had hoped he would give Dallas a chance and spend some time in college.

On the show, D'Andra Simmons reveals that he had promised them he would give the school a chance and he had committed to one year. But he decided to leave Dallas behind after just a few weeks.

Temperament could influence her own mother's decision in regards to business

While it is frustrating to see him give up on something so quickly, it is more disturbing to see D'Andra Simmons go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds.

She was clearly upset about him making his own decisions and going against her wishes. Perhaps this lack of control of her emotions has to do with her mother not giving her more responsibilities in the business.

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