"The Good Doctor" is a new series premiering on ABC on Monday, September 25. The medical drama has been advertised to let people know about a show with a unique theme. People have become interested and are looking forward to seeing the pilot where a young pediatric surgeon with autism and Savant Syndrome is recruited into a prestigious hospital in San Jose, California.

The story follows the doctor who is unable to relate to people socially, but he can save their lives. The president of the fictional hospital speaks up for the good doctor and pleads his case before the board of directors for Dr.

Shaun Murphy to be part of the surgical staff. He has extraordinary medical skills that help patients when it would be challenging for other doctors.

The show

"The Good Doctor" is a medical drama that is part of ABC's new fall shows. The series writer and executive producer is David Shore who created the long-running show "House." "Hawaii Five-O" star Daniel Dae Kim is also an executive producer. It is interesting that CBS turned down the series, and ABC picked it up as a pilot with only six episodes. The decision to renew the series for more episodes depends on how the ratings go during the six-week trial period. Hopefully, millions of people will watch it, so the series can continue.

The cast

Dr. Shaun Murphy is played by Freddie Highmore who starred as Norman Bates in "Bates Motel" for five seasons. Highmore doesn't have Autism or savant syndrome, but the 25-year-old actor plays the part so well that people might think he does have them.

Fans have missed seeing Hill Harper since "CSI: NY" was canceled in 2013.

He played Dr. Sheldon Hawkes on that crime show. In 2000, he was cast as Dr. Wesley Williams in "City of Angels." On this upcoming show, he plays Dr. Marcus Andrews, the head of surgery. Apparently, Harper loves being in the role of a doctor.

What to expect

Viewers can expect to see an intense debate by the board of directors at the beginning of the series.

Officials are leery about offering a job to someone with the challenges that Dr. Shaun Murphy has. Viewers can also expect to be educated on the issues an autistic person faces.

The producers have gone to great lengths to present the series in a way to humanize the young doctor and not make it all about medicine. Also, there are various conversations about how a person with autism functions in the workplace.

Family members and friends of someone with autism will see a lot of things they can relate to. Watch "The Good Doctor" on ABC on September 25, 2017 at 10 p.m.