Netflix has just released its latest TV series Atypical.” “Atypical” is a story about a very prevalent issue today which is autism among children. The story revolves around the life of Sam Gardner (played by Keil Gilchrist), a high school boy suffering from autism.

Critics gave a cold reception towards the show because it is using autism 'for laughs' and perpetuating stereotypes. However, other fans praised and defended the show as better than “13 Reasons Why” which tackled about suicide and the mental health of teenagers.

Critics' say on Netflix's 'Atypical'

One of the major critics of the show is Mickey Rowe. He is one of the cast in “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightmare” and the very first autistic actor to portray his own health issues. He comments on the show’s preparation and that the writer might not have sought advice from autism research centers.

Rowe uses his personal experience in criticizing the show. He said that “Atypical” is centered to foster stereotyping of autistics and that it could have been avoided if the show was tailored into something more subtle. Rowe continues to cite instances where the illness of the character is even used as punchline for the show in order to make the audience laugh.

Expressing quite a similar concern about the issue is Dr. Shafali Jeste, of UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment. She agrees with Rowe that the stereotyping in the show is disheartening. Dr. Jeste adds that the kind of Autism featured in the show is not true to all and does not represent all the types of children with autism.

On a lighter note, a leading autism researcher said that she supports the Netflix series as it is very brave in showcasing this very realistic issue in our community and that it would also help in opening a dialogue about autism. Daily Online says that it is impossible for a show to use autism as a subject for a show without inviting critics.

'United States of Tara' prepared Keir Gilchrist for 'Atypical'

All eyes are on Keil Gilchrist as he will be portraying the lead role of Sam Gardner. Although his role is quite a tough task to do, he has been prepared to do so in his casting as Marshall Gregson in Showtime’s “United States of Tara.”

His role in the previous show is not that different from his role in “Atypical.” The Warp says that his character is also as a high school student and the show explores the perspective of someone living with a disability and the episodes center on daily life. Despite the criticism that the show has been receiving, some fans prefer to see it in a good way and are interested in the way its characters will be played.