The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4 will feature former "Smallville" star Tom Welling interested to join the DC TV series. Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg talks about the dynamic between Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny in the show.

'Smallville' coming to the 'Arrowverse'

'Judging Amy' star Tom Welling announced that he wants to join the "The Flash" TV series during Fox's Fall TV party event. He told Nuke the Fridge that he is open and willing to join the cast and crew of the show, and shared his own set of ideas for this season. The latter addressed that he wants to play a version of Clark Kent in the "Arrowverse."

"I am willing to go on The Flash and I have a few ideas on how it can happen if the network asks me," Welling said.

"In fact, I can make it happen."

Welling was famous for playing the role of a teenaged Superman in "Smallville" and it has garnered ten seasons.The CW Network once asked him to join the cast of "Supergirl " as the show's version of the Man of Steel in season 2 before Tyler Hoechlin took the role.

For now, Welling is busy playing the Marcus Pierce in "Lucifer" and it is unknown yet if his appearance will extend beyond "The Flash" and into other "Arrrowverse" TV shows.

The Flash and Elongated Man dynamic

Executive producer Andre Kreisberg talked the about the conflicting dynamic between Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny a.k.a. Elongated Man in "The Flash" season 4. He told TV Insider that Ralph will not be as heroic in the show as he is in the comics, and his perception of doing the right thing will challenge the Scarlet Speedster's resolve.

The showrunner described Ralph as "brash and loud," and he does not listen to anyone. What makes him interesting in the show is how he gained his powers as Kreisberg stated that it will be one of the "big mysteries" of this season.

Season 6 will feature the return of Barry Allen in Central City after spending a lot of his time in the Speed Force.

Team Flash barely saved the city without his help and Iris West tries to move on with her life without him. Grant Gustin stated during SDCC 2017 that Barry will exhibit new abilities and knowledge from the Speed Force as he faces a new foe, Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. The Thinker.

Warner Bros. and the CW network announced that the new "Arroverse" crossover will be called "Crisis on Earth X" and it will feature all the heroes joining forces with The Ray to combat the threat of the Nazis from Earth X during Iris and Barry's wedding day.