We have been intrigued by Tom Welling’s appearance in “Luciferseason 3 ever since Fox confirmed his involvement in the series. Now we have our first look at the actor in character as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce in a new teaser. In the preview, the devil meets the man who brings out the worst in him.

Lucifer returns to Los Angeles

The preview opens with Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) returning to Los Angeles following his brief disappearance. Viewers may remember that someone abducted him in the season 2 finale. Someone knocked him out cold and when he woke up, he was in the desert, shirtless, parched and with his wings back.

Of course, upon his return to Sin City, he meets up with Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). He has some explaining to do about why he never showed up at her place as he said in his voice message. In the trailer, the ever-proud devil asks his partner if she has been so worried over his absence, to which Chloe replies," Let me think about that. No.”

Tom Welling as Marcus Pierce

The trailer then gives us our first look at Tom Welling in character as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. A look at his surroundings tells us that he is at Lux. It is safe to assume then that Lucifer was talking to him when he tells someone, “I’m surprised it’s taken you this long.” Marcus' scene does not tell us what happens when he meets Lucifer.

It also does not give us any details about his role in the series. However, according to reports, Marcus is competition for the Lord of Darkness over Chloe’s affection in “Lucifer” season 3.

Who is Marcus Pierce for Lucifer Morningstar

Marcus Pierce is the new love interest for Chloe in season 3. The detective fancies him because they share the same ideals when it comes to justice.

He is a no-nonsense guy who upholds the law and takes his work seriously, unlike the devil who likes to have fun while at work. He is also charismatic and charming, which further draws Chloe closer to him. However, sparks do not fly the moment Marcus and the detective first meet. The lieutenant is not into social norms so he very much rubs Chloe the wrong way.

Of course, Marcus’ presence at work and being near to Chloe unnerves Lucifer. Tom Ellis previously revealed that he brings out the worst in the devil. He regards him as competition over Chloe’s affection since he always believed that he and the detective share a special bond. Fans should expect to see a jealous Lucifer in season 3.