Netflix recently dropped the entire eight episodes of The Defenders on Aug. 18. Now, there is the question of whether there will be a second season. The four protectors of New York City consist of Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Danny Rand (Finn Jones), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). Executive producer Marco Ramirez revealed that there is a possibility that "The Defenders" Season 2 will feature a new set of superheroes

The television show’s Easter eggs

Originally, the comic version of “The Defenders” has a roster of superheroes like Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Falcon, Valkyrie, and the mutant Polaris.

However, if “The Defenders” Season 2 receives the green light, Netflix could feature a new set of heroes to give other heroes a chance let their stars shine.

This, too, could give the side characters to be known along with the revelation of the Easter eggs seen in Hell’s Kitchen. It has also been noticed that the television show teased a potential “Daughters of the Dragon” spin-off and the coming of “Heroes for Hire.”

Potential new heroes

According to Screen Rant, Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and Misty Knight (Simone Missick) could soon have their own television show. Iron Fist” Season 2 could lead to the creation of “The Defenders” Season 2, they might be given a chance to receive their own spotlight.

Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) could also be part of the television show’s second installment. She is currently Luke Cage’s girlfriend and has self-defense classes with Colleen Wing. It also seems like that she could attract people with superpowers, so she could also be one.

Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) also has the potential to be the group’s wild card.

As “The Punisher” is about to hit Netflix this year, he could have the chance to join the team of heroes as he and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) will be facing the big bads in Hell’s Kitchen.

Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), also known as Hellcat in the comics, might also be included in the second season of the web television miniseries.

She grew up with Jessica Jones and has witnessed her superpowers and abilities. Given the chance, she also wants to have her own powers so that she could save the world. As her investigation to her best friend’s past leads her to be connected to her mother, she, too, could meet the people that gave Luke, Jessica, and Kilgrave (David Tennant) their unique abilities.