It was in 2015 when fans get to see Krysten Ritter as the mysterious Marvel character on Netflix. Come 2017, viewers are still waiting for her return in Jessica Jones” Season 2.

Although it may still take a while before fans will finally see the show back on the small screens, it will definitely come after a long wait. In fact, it will soon be in production now that “The Defenders” has finished its filming.

The coming of the second chapter

In an interview with Ritter by Digital Spy, the 35-year-old star confirmed that the show's second chapter will be filming back-to-back with “The Defenders.” However, the former model is not sure if the two television series will “overlap a little bit.”

The “Confessions of a Shopaholic” star also revealed that she is now starting her intense physical preparation, composed of weight training and boxing.

She, too, admitted that she is excited to see what will happen to her character in the next chapter.

Possible release date

Fans still have to wait a little more for the return of the television series on the small screens. Netflix’s schedule for 2017 is now full with the coming of “The Defenders,” “The Punisher,” and the newly released “Iron Fist.”

“Ideally there will be a rhythm of about every six months you’ll get a new season or a new series from the Defenders group,” Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said (via Daily Express). Hence, viewers might get to see the second chapter of the web television series in the middle of 2018 the earliest.

The second season’s plotline

The show’s showrunner Melissa Rosenberg revealed that “Jessica Jones” Season 2 will further explain the backstory of Ritter’s character.

“She ends in a very different place [at the end of season one] than she started off. She’s still going to be Jessica Jones — that is not going to change,” she said.

In the second installment, Jessica will be continuing to drink, make mistakes, and drop people onto train tracks unintentionally, but things have changed for her in the previous season finale. Hence, they will be exploring these changes next.