The 100Season 5 is now in production, and in less than no time, fans are about to see its return to the small screen. The television show is said to feature six years time jump and viewers might be surprised with the new changes they are about to witness.

With that, in an interview with Hidden Remote, Richard Harmon, who plays the role of John Murphy, talked about getting to know his character again after the time jump, their hopes for the coming new installment and much more.

A growth or regression

In the return of “The 100” Season 5, it is about to reveal the longest time jump the show’s history has ever made.

After six years, it is quite expected that a lot of changes are going to happen, including characters’ development.

But as they are going to be unique in their little ways, some roles will be having a hard time to adapt the new world they are into. Richard Harmon told Hidden Remote that he had four years to be familiar with the television show’s characters, but only had five months to get to know his self better.

“I need to fill in a lot of that gap myself,” he said. Fans will see him either more matured or move back with all that has been happening in the space. He was once known for working under pressure; now he has a hard time to do so. Although there is no threat of bad guys around, he is now worrying about his everyday life.

And this is the thing he doesn’t know how Murphy is going to take. “That’s going to fuel his progression or aggression this season,” he admitted.

Hopes and new dynamics

Richard Harmon also talked about the new dynamics his character as John Murphy is going to take in the coming “The 100” Season 5.

In the continuation of Hidden Remote’s interview, the 26-year-old star confessed that he wanted to explore John’s dynamic with Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan).

He also admitted that all of his favorite scenes from the previous season is with Raven. Thus he wants to discover more of their progress in this new chapter. “I’m curious to see how the six years have changed us,” he continued to say.

Regarding his hopes, Richard Harmon is looking forward to seeing John Murphy accepting himself just like what everybody else did at the end of the fourth season.

“Stop sabotaging himself,” he wished. He wants his role to learn from his mistakes and see some progress after causing damage to his own psyche.

'The 100' Season 5 is expected to be released in 2018 on The CW. Stay tuned for more updates.