Things will be very different in The 100Season 5. As there is a six-year time jump, fans are about to see some changes in their favorite characters’ personalities and environment.

Bob Morley, who plays the role of Bellamy Blake, talked about how his role will be different in comparison to what fans saw in previous seasons. Also, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) has matured as a character.

Eliza’s more matured character

In an interview with Hidden Remote, Eliza Taylor revealed that “The 100” Season 5 will be way different than its predecessors.

Talking about her character as Clarke, the 27-year-old star unveiled that she will be now playing the role of a “24-year-old woman” that will be more matured compared to the 18-year-old girl she has portrayed before.

The time jump will completely change everything in the new world they are into, and fans are about to see her character's “evolution.” She is now a “badass mother” with undeniable maternal instinct.

Clarke’s new goals

Eliza Taylor continued to tease that things will be simpler in “The 100” Season 5.

Clarke’s goals are limited,” she said. Now, she only has to find food to eat, look after her child, and stay alive.

Madi (Lola Flanery) is everything to her and Taylor is now excited to see the “intrigue” the two will have in their new lives. Since the television show started, Clarke has lost a lot in her life, so things will still be difficult for her. However, the six-year time jump will play a major role in her character’s growth as she will now find peace and will feel quite complete.

Morley’s take on his role

Aside from Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley also talked about the changes fans are about to see in his character as Bellamy Blake in “The 100” Season 5.

In another interview with Hidden Remote, the 32-year-old star revealed that he is trying his best to adapt his more matured role as the remaining survivors’ the pacifist in the Ark.

In fact, he has yet to decide what acting approach he is going to take to portray his character better in the coming new installment. He even admitted that he is more accustomed acting in a middle of a battle than being a peacekeeper.

However, as they are now waiting for the things to get back to normal again after the Praimfaya, they will be more than ready to face the world again. As he only has six months to master his character, he has to explore his role’s maturity after the time jump.

“The 100” Season 5 is expected to return in 2018 on The CW.