Pop music icon Taylor Swift recently presented behind-the-scenes clips of some of the most noteworthy scenes in her music video, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Two of these scenes include the swing inside the birdcage and her zombie-inspired look.

She posted the behind-the-scenes clips on her official YouTube channel. In one scene in the middle of the music video, Swift was shown swinging inside a gigantic birdcage.

The singer was wearing an orange bodysuit with her blonde hair curled on the sides. The featured clip also showed a close-up look at the small mouse that she caressed with her stylish fingernails.

“You’re the best co-star ever,” Swift spoke to the mouse while rubbing the animal. “I’m going to take you with me... You’re gonna have to learn to fight. We’re gonna send you to a training facility.”

Zombie-inspired look

Another remarkable scene in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video was her zombie character in the beginning of the entire clip. In here, Taylor Swift’s previous character from her song titled “Out Of The Woods” was turned into a zombie who just came back from the grave.

The behind-the-scenes feature showed the process of doing the make-up and prosthetics in order to achieve this look. Overall, the zombie-inspired look had special contact lenses, cheek contours and dirt make-up around her body.

“When you look this gross, you just have no physical insecurities at all, like none. It’s just, they’re gone. It’s freeing. I encourage everyone to look like a corpse at least once,” Swift said.

Old Taylor Swift characters

The singer also took her fans in the studio where the production team shot the part when her previous characters from her music videos were gathered together.

The team employed some actresses to become her stunt doubles.

Swift was seen bonding and chatting with the girls. She revealed in the behind-the-scenes feature that they talked about their lives, and they even had a group picture together.

Look What You Made Me Do” is a song from her latest album called “Reputation” which talks about changing from her old self to her new image as a stronger person.

After a series of social media teasers, the video was launched at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The video now has over 450 million views on YouTube.

The song also has become a certified hit among her fans, as it has been one of the top songs in the Spotify playlists for several weeks now. Her album "Reputation" will be released in November.