Kim Kardashian never stops to amaze her fans, and controversies always follow her. From hating on Trump, picking fights with Taylor Swift, to fighting for the Kardashian crown against Kylie, the mother of two has been breaking the internet with her way of life. Kim doesn’t find it hard to go nude, and she has done it multiple times over the past decade. But there is one thing about her — she always poses in a unique manner that makes the web go crazy. Well, Kim did it again in a way she has never done before — pose naked, and not in her bedroom, but in a tree.

Crazy, right?

Mrs. West honored her photographers

The 36-year-old reality queen stunned her fans when she shared a black and white photo of her completely naked with only two well-positioned stars on her cleavage, a shadow hiding her private parts, and a pair of boots balancing on tree branches. She might have found this as a new way to take things to new heights and break the internet. She uploaded it on her Instagram and Facebook page on Tuesday evening, and in the caption of the jaw-breaking photo, she honored photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott who will be releasing their new book “20 years in the making” on September 7 in New York.

Sharon Osborne said Kardashians thrive through their bodies

According to Daily Mail, Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, will also be featured in the book, and she posted her picture with a caption stating that she was honored to be part of it. During an interview, Sharon Osborne branded Kim as a “ho” for taking off her clothes in photo shoots and said what she was doing wasn’t feminism.

She added that the Kardashians live off their body, and everything they do is not for female progress. Sharon has no issue with Kim's X-rated photos, but she is against her claim that she’s a feminist.

Kim poses naked because her audience wants to see that

But people love to see Kim naked. When her sex tape was released, millions paid money to watch it, and since then, the makeup entrepreneur has gone nude for Paper Magazine, Playboy, and Harper’s Bazaar.

But probably her most epic one was Tuesday’s photo which showed her bare flesh in all its glory. The picture sparked different reactions from her followers. One fan thought she forgot her clothes and wondered who climbs a tree with just boots. Another fan joked that’s how a side chick is kicked out when the wife is about to arrive home.

Some people admired how Kim looked in the photo, but others were surprised that a wife and a mother of two who is super rich and famous could continue to pose naked. It’s unclear whether she was just a lady proud of her body and wanted to show it off, or if she was desperate for attention. Whatever the reason, her fans will still love her, and her critics will continue to disapprove of her efforts.