A new poster for “Stranger Things” season 2 is here, and it features Will Byers and the gigantic monster first seen in the teaser trailer for the upcoming season. Both the teaser and the poster pay tribute to other horror classics of the time period, as "Stranger Things" is known to do.

The Thursday poster of 'Stranger Things' season 2

The Thursday poster of “Stranger Things” shows the characters posing identically like Richard Donner's The Goonposter. The one-eyed skull and the pirate's treasure from the 1980s poster are tactfully replaced by Will Buyers, the boy who went missing from the group in season one and Eleven (played by Mille Bobby Brown).

Will Buyers (played by Noah Schnapp) is seen holding a strangled string of glowing Christmas lights, which he used to signal his mother, Joyce Buyers (Winona Ryder) after he went missing in the first season.

What to expect from the second season of 'Stranger Things?'

The first season of the Netflix sci-fi ends with the dramatic rescue of Will from the Upside Down world, and Eleven disappearing during the combat with Demigorgan. However, the final scene of the last episode also typifies that Will Buyers is not physically fit. He vomits slug and gets visions of the Upside Down world after his return. But, it does not provide the audience any clue of the plotline and what is going to happen in the next season.

The second installment of the “Stranger Things,” presumably resumes after a year or few years after the events, when everything seems to be in normal state at Hawkins, Indiana.

The new poster again brings back the monster, whose vision keeps haunting Will Buyers in the season one, after his return. It keeps the audience anticipating about the monster and his connection with Will Buyers.

Are there more dangerous creatures or is it the Demigorgan, which will again find a way to enter our world?

From the appearance of the new posters and the marketing strategies, it is quite clear that season 2 of “Stranger Things” will be packed with horror elements. According to Screen Rant, the crew has revealed that the upcoming season will be “more horror-oriented.” This is probably why the marketing campaigns are drawing references from the classic horrors and thrillers like “Evil Dead,” “Alien,” “Jaws,” “Nightmare on The Elm Street” etc.

Get ready for a spine-chilling experience as “Stranger Things” season 2 debuts on October 27 on Netflix!