Francia Raisa has recently bared the scars she received from her recent surgery online. Raisa donated one of her kidneys to her lifelong best friend and celebrity Selena Gomez earlier this year, 2017. Not much has been seen of the actor since she donated her kidney, but she has recently posted an image of herself back in the gym on her social media.

Raisa did not hesitate to help her friend

According to the Daily Mail, when Francia heard that her friend Selena Gomez had been put on the Kidney Donor list she did not hesitate to take action. She immediately was tested to see if she was a match and when it was discovered that she was she agreed to undergo surgery.

In a report by E! News, Francia and Selena Gomez first met when the pair were teenagers at a Disney and ABC Family charity event at a hospital. Speaking of their friendship, Francia stated that they simply clicked and became extremely close. The pair considers each other family and Francia has been there for Selena throughout the difficult times in her life, including her recent kidney transplant.

Selena Gomez has since posted a thank you to her friend online, which shows the pair recovering after the surgery. Gomez expressed her undying love and respect for her friend and has stated that she will forever treasure the sacrifice that she made for her.

The actor is back at the gym

According to Elite Daily, actor Francia Raisa is back at the gym and is determined to get straight back into her routine.

The actor shared images of herself working out which reveal the scar on her abdomen where her kidney was taken and subsequently donated to Selena.

The actor is seen doing some strength training and lifting weights as she intends to get back to her previous level of fitness. Raisa spent several weeks recovering from the kidney donation surgery and has been eagerly awaiting her return to her routine.

The star has expressed her delight at being back at the gym by captioning her photographs as such.

In a report by Elite Daily, Johns Hopkins have stated that it usually takes about two months before an individual can get back to work after such an invasive surgery. Raisa has been advised not to do any working out until that point in time had passed and it is clear that the actor has been waiting for the go-ahead since she came out of the operating theater.

Fans have taken to social media to praise Francia Raisa for her decision to donate one of her kidneys. She is being referred to as a true inspiration for young people out there as not only did she make the decision for the benefit of her friend, she is also determined to pick up life right from where she left off.