This Halloween season, sci-fi fans are anticipating the arrival of "Stranger Things" season 2, which promises to be stranger and scarier than ever. Just a year after the release of the Duffer Brothers-created sci-fi series, the show has earned as much as 18 Emmy nominations, including recognition for the individual talents of stars David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), and Shannon Purser (Barb).

The sophomore season premiering this October is also set to introduce new characters, including one Max, who is played by Sadie Sink.

She's a new girl in town who'll become part of the AV Club, who recently welcomed back Will from the Upside Down and lost Eleven to the Demogorgon (she'll be back, don't worry). The Duffer Brothers recently shared just how the boys come across the new character.

Script provides insight to a scene

When "Stranger Things" season 2 premieres on Netflix this October, viewers will be introduced to Sadie Sink's Max, who has just overthrown Dustin (Caleb McLaughlin) in "Dig Dug," a video game the boys often play at The Palace arcade. Entertainment Weekly got a hold of a couple of pages of the script from the Duffer Brothers, in which the boys of the AV Club come across Max's name for the first time. The scene may be familiar to fans of the series who have already seen the trailer for the sophomore season.

In it, the boys are in the arcade to play some games when Will gets visions of some monster presumably from the Upside Down.

Max is a video game champ

In "Stranger Things" season 2, the boys first come across Max's name through the "Dig Dug" game, in which she overthrows Dustin's high score. They beg Keith, who works at The Palace, to tell them who Max is.

As sneaky as he is, he asks Mike to get his sister, Nancy to go on a date with him in return. The boys give varied reactions, with Lucas urging Mike to let Keith date, Nancy, while Mike is a defensive younger brother towards Nancy and immediately opposed to the idea.Creators shed light on characters

Creators shed light on the characters

The Duffer Brothers recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how they write their characters, saying, "We always try to make sure that—when faced with a dilemma—our boys have different perspectives and solutions.

This makes for fun conflict and helps further define their characters."

Viewers will get to see more of that dynamic when "Stranger Things" season 2 arrives this October, as most of the boys will be smitten by Max, while Mike will still be hung up on Eleven following her disappearance. The show premieres on October 27.