On "General Hospital," it is entirely possible that Steve Buton may return as Franco's twin. Initially, it was believed that he and Jason Morgan were siblings. Recent storylines, however, open the door of possibility for Franco's brother to emerge.

Franco and Jake drop hints

Last week on "General Hospital," Jake found a portrait that Franco painted with two little boys. Franco said it was himself with his imaginary friend, but sharp viewers remembered something different. When the deranged artist first arrived in Port Charles, there was talk that he and Jason Morgan were brothers who had been separated.

Later this theory was debunked. Now Steve Burton is returning, and secrecy surrounds his character, so "GH" fans are wondering if he may be the missing twin.

Naturally, everyone believed Burton was going to replace Billy Miller as Jason, but nothing has been said about Miller leaving "General Hospital." Next, it was suggested by spoiler alerts that Miller and Burton's characters may be siblings. Now, however, Franco has opened the door for a third possibility by dropping hints that Steve Burton may return as his long lost twin.

General Hospital may fool us all regarding Steve Burton's return

It's within the realm of believability that the powers that be on "General Hospital" may be leading the viewers down false paths so they can spring something totally surprising on us at the right time.

In addition to Franco and Jake's discussions, Sam and Carly have been saying that Billy Miller's Jason is different. Carly was concerned that her best friend did not confide in her that Sam shot Sonny. She emphasized that in the past they always told each other everything.

Sam has been wondering why she did not feel led to open up to her husband regarding her hallucinations.

And even told Andre that Jason had been different since returning to Port Charles. These statements would seem to be implying that Miller is an imposter, and Steve Burton will return as the real Jason Morgan. Viewers are left with 4 possibilities regarding Burton.

He might come back to "General Hospital" as the legitimate Jason, an entirely different unrelated character, Franco's brother, or the sibling to Billy Miller's Mr.

Morgan. Stay tuned week days on ABC at 2:00 p.m. as this storyline begins to unravel in the fall. It will not be completed, however, for about 9 months. Fans will have to sit tight and enjoy the ride.