The “Hunter X Huntermanga surprised its fans after releasing Chapter 370. After its long hiatus, the artist Yoshihiro Togashi broke his long hiatus and released the much-awaited chapter.

Another break for the manga artist

However, months after the manga resumed, the manga artist is yet to take another hiatus. According to Buzz News, Togashi will take another break by September 4. Chapter 370 will be the last glimpse of the “Hunter X Hunter” manga and fans will not be able to enjoy it for some time again. Even if this is nothing new for fans, everybody is hoping that this break will not be as long as the previous hiatus that took over a year.

After the announcement of his hiatus, the manga artist hinted that he would be back before the year ends. Before the year ends, the next chapter of “Hunter X Hunter” will be back.

What will happen next?

According to the Prediction Thread of Reddit, a user by the name of Tserri is predicting that Chapter 371 will revolve around Silent Majority as the group tries to figure out how to dismiss it and at the same time, find the user who is not in the room. Since Kurapika is trying to hide his abilities, he will not use his chain to locate the user.

The next chapter will also feature more blood shed as the Silent Majority can kill those who are weak in power. Based on what happened in Chapter 370, these users are not invulnerable to weapons and gunfire.

They can be killed instantly when shot, even if they are protected with Gyo.

Possible take over?

Togashi took a long break from continuing the fan-favorite manga due to his back pains which prevent him from working. Since his back pain is considered serious and complicated, it will take him a lot of medications to work properly.

During his hiatus, Shueisha planned to replace him with a group of writers to continue with the story.

However, this idea was disposed of by Shueisha due to the possible change in the storyline. The publishing house also thought of replacing Togashi with his wife, Naoko Tekeuchi who is the perfect fit for the role to continue “Hunter X Hunter.” If Tekeuchi continues her husband’s work, there will be no significant changes.

Besides, she is the manga artist behind other popular series, “Codename: Sailor V” and “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” where she earned her Kodansha Manga Award.

Although the possible replacement is still a possibility, fans are still hoping that Togashi will stick to his words and will return by the end of the year to proceed with “Hunter X HunterChapter 371.