Steve Burton fans have reason to rejoice because in 7 days his first scenes as the new guy in Port Charles will air. And now begins the roughly 9 months of storyline on "General Hospital," that will reveal the identity of Burton's character and his relationship to Jason and Franco.

Too many twists to Jason and Franco story

"General Hospital" fans have noticed that Billy Miller is missing from Port Charles. Since Jason went into a coma, His face has not been shown in several weeks. This would seem to suggest that Steve Burton will be the person in the bed when Jason wakes up.

Recent spoiler alerts, however, indicate that it all possibly may be a dream. There is also Franco trying to find out who the little boy in the photo is because he looks just like Jason as a child. This could imply that either Jason or Franco has a twin.

Frank Valentini has already stated that it will be some time next year before the truth is known so "General Hospital" fans have a long time to unravel the secrets of the mystery man's identity. Billy Miller's Jason being in a coma, and Franco searching for clues could be a smoke screen to lead viewers in a wrong direction. So far he has spoken to Scott who sent him to Heather which turned out to be a dead end. On Tuesday Franco talked with his friend Liesl Obrecht who said he was spending too much time and concern on the little boy in the picture

This is probably why Franco will begin his own search this week to get answers about his childhood.

The only person left who may be able to give him answers about the photo of a young Jason is the woman who raised him. She, however, is just as wacky as Heather and he probably will not be able to find out much from her. The writers, however, could change the narrative and Franco's mother could give him exactly what he needs.

General Hospital fans should be prepared for anything in Port Charles

History has been changed quite often on "General Hospital" which is an insult to the fans. This is why they probably need to throw out everything they have remembered about both Jasons and also Franco. There still has been no announcement regarding Billy Miller as to whether or not he will stay in Port Charles.

His being off the scene could mean absolutely or it could be very revealing.

GH viewers should stay tuned each weekday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. for more episodes and continue to keep up with Spoiler alerts for updates. At some point in time, there will certainly be a clue that is valuable in solving the riddle regarding Billy Miller and Steve Burton. A day will come when Franco has all the answers he needs, but it won't be this day.