Stephanie Hollman didn't realize that she hurt Brandi Redmond's feelings after they wrapped the first season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas." They didn't talk for months and when Stephanie came back for the second season, she was shocked to hear how bad things were between them.

During the time she had feuded with Brandi, Stephanie hung out with Cary Deuber. They became great friends and Cary even called Stephanie "her ride or die." From the previous season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas," Hollman reveals that she has seen changes in Cary.

According to a new report, Stephanie Hollman is now revealing that Cary Deuber isn't the same person that fans saw on the first season of the show.

Two years ago, she was working with her husband, had a hard shell, and identified herself with her work and her yoga poses. This year, she's choosing to stay at home with her daughter and she doesn't mind putting her career second. As Stephanie explains, it is a much softer side.

Different side

"Over the summer I began to see a softer, sweeter side to Cary that I hadn’t seen before. When Brandi and I talked, she expressed a little bit of jealousy that I was hanging out with Cary and not her, but I didn’t want Cary to ever be exclusively my friend!" Stephanie Hollman explains in her blog, revealing that she loved this new side of Deuber and wanted her co-stars to enjoy a friendship with her as well.

Perhaps Deuber was easy to get close to, as Cary and Stephanie had truly bonded during the time that Stephanie and Brandi were fighting. She has become a shoulder for Hollman to cry on and the two were always together. This was odd for Brandi Redmond, who wondered how Stephanie could move on so quickly. But as she explains in her blog, she didn't want to keep Cary to herself.

She wanted her co-stars to see this new side of her as well.

Distance from Brandi

Perhaps Stephanie Hollman was able to see this softer side of Cary because she wasn't getting along with Brandi anymore. On the first season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas," she and Brandi were super close. They would hang out all the time and spend hours on the phone together every night.

The distance from Redmond may have resulted in Stephanie being able to see her cast members in a different light. These days, they are all three getting along just fine.

What do you think about Stephanie Hollman seeing changes in Cary Deuber? Are you surprised she has softened up a bit?