“Star Wars” recently dropped a new trailer for “Star Wars: Rebels” Season 4 featuring a lot of the franchise’s elements, from “Rogue One” to some of its characters. It even references Orson Krennic and the Death Star’s code name, Stardust.

Fans can also see the Death Troopers and Saw Gerrera in the animated series’ swan song that will make its final bow an epic one. In an interview with GameSpot, creator Dave Filoni talked about the television show’s ending and why it would only have four seasons.

The television show’s ending

"I firmly believe that each generation needs to have their own piece of ‘Star Wars,’" Dave Filoni told GS regarding “Star Wars: Rebels” Season 4’s ending.

The 43-year-old animation director went on to explain that the television series is also part of the franchise’s movies for the kids who have grown up with it. He also feels like the characters’ stories can be most meaningful by putting them where he needs it to get to at the end of the chapter.

He even referenced his directorial stint in “The Clone Wars” that ran for six seasons and ended in 2014. The animator went on to say that he perfectly knows how it is like when he is prolonging a television series. When a show goes on for a long while, he will be ending up creating merchandise and extending its story, which for him is not fun at all. However, he proudly said that “Rebels” will represent an ending to anything they have been doing in the animation.

The main villain

In the continuation of “Star Wars: Rebels” Season 4, fans will once again see Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) as its Main Villain.

The Grand Admiral is the one who is responsible for bringing the Rebel Alliance down before it turns into a significant threat.

Although he doesn’t succeed at first, he will continue crashing it down by planning more massive destruction.

In fact, he will be now using much stronger fighters called TIE Defender Elites that have shield capabilities and more fire power, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Dave Filoni told EW that Thrawn knows that value of having a better fighter craft that can face the Rebels’ ships like X-wings. However, not everyone agrees. There will also be a battle for funding and power, so fans will also witness some “politicking” in the Empire.

Thrawn will be alongside Rukh (Warwick Davis). He is the alien assassin who has the ability to dart the walls and ceilings like a real spider. He is also from Timothy Zahn’s novels just like Thrawn.