Fans have been long waiting for the return of Star Wars RebelsSeason 4 to see the fate of Ahsoka Tano. Also known as Snips, she has been gone since the finale episode of the 3D CGI animated television series’ second season.

The last thing fans knew about her was that she had met her former master, Anakin Skywalker. However, the show’s executive producer Dave Filoni teased a scene, which viewers didn’t see in the show’s subsequent chapter, that might hint at her real future.

Bendu, Tano’s conversation

Dave Filoni tweeted an image of Ahsoka Tano’s meeting with Bendu and a snap of their conversation.

This happened before the Jedi Padawan went to Malachor with Ezra and Kanan, Comic Book reported.

Although she went missing after she met Darth Vader and got engaged during a battle, the 43-year-old animator’s post on Twitter added a new perspective to what really happened to her. In the discussion, the Force-sensitive entity gave the Togruta female a piece of fateful advice.

“You are set on this confrontation then?” Bendu asked. Ahsoka Tano then told him that she had to know the truth and as he really wanted to be honest with her, he gave her a warning that a lot was about to change as a result of their meeting. This even included her own being.

“Isn’t that true of all things, as time advances?” she then asked.

Bendu then said that what he meant when he said "change" was “death.” The commander of the Grand Army of the Republic seemed under the impression that she was going to die. However, he didn’t directly answer her question and bid his goodbye to the former Jedi Knight.

The conversation might just hint at her unfortunate fate, which is why fans did not see her again.

Bendu’s connection to Tano

As explained by Dave Filoni via Screen Rant, Bendu and Ahsoka Tano’s discussion before the latter met Darth Vader is quite interesting.

The conversation just gave her fans an inkling of what was she thinking before she faced her former master.

This, too, might be a good explanation why she chose to stay on the planet of Malachor. However, it is still a big question how the executive producer will feature her disappearance in “Star Wars Rebels” Season 4, especially as this is the animated series’ swan song.

Evidently, Bendu didn’t directly say that she is going to die. In fact, he just hinted the possibility of her death. The Force-sensitive entity, too, has been wandering around Phoenix Squadron’s base on the remote planet of Atollon. He didn’t even come out until the show’s third season.