The "Star Wars" fandom was in a bit of a shock as Director Colin Trevorrow will no longer be at the helm of "Episode 9." That being said, both Disney and Lucasfilm are now on the lookout to a handful of directors that could take on the challenge of spearheading the franchise's final installment of its third trilogy.

Booted out

In an official statement that was posted over on "Star Wars'" website, it confirmed that both Lucasfilm and Trevorrow "have mutually chosen to part ways" on Episode 9. It further explained that both parties differ on how they envision the 2019 film sequel.

It went stating that the director has played an active role in "Episode 9's" creative process and wished him well with his future endeavors.

The official statement did not disclose as to why they booted out Trevorrow, though it might come to light in the coming days. Lucasfilm, on the other hand, has yet to announce a new director for "star wars episode 9," though according to some insiders, the film outfit already has some folks in mind.

The prospect

Quite a number of film buffs believe that "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson might take over "Episode 9" as he is one of the few directors that braved Disney and Lucasfilm's high standards. However, until they announce a new man for the job, fans might want to take it with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, Johnson tipped some details about "Star Wars Episode 8" especially with the much talked about antagonist – Supreme Leader Snoke. With the mysterious baddie about to be seen in the flesh by the fandom, the director gave a heads up that a backstory about the character is pretty much unlikely.

In a recent interview with Empire as cited by Collider, he stated that he was not interested in telling how Snoke came to be.

He even described the villain as a "dark force" as he is "the scary thing behind the thing." Johnson also compared Snoke to Palpatine as the Naboo native was featured in the original trilogy as just the Emperor, albeit the fact that his rise to power was told in "Episodes 1-3."

Black Kyber crystal rumors

In line with this, the recent Force Friday merch event may have leaked something about the supreme leader.

In one of the action figures where he is showcased sitting on his throne and dons a golden robe, fans noticed a ring with a black gem on his index finger. Quite a number of fans believe that this could be a black Kyber crystal that is also rumored to amplify his powers. There are also speculations that Snoke could be wielding a lightsaber and use that piece of rock to light it up.

"Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi" will be out on December 15. Check out a video about the franchise here: