The "Star Wars'" merch event known as Force Friday was a hit among collectors of the franchise as they hauled in toys and collectibles inspired by the upcoming "star wars episode 8: The Last Jedi." The affair may have also leaked some details from the film, including Snoke's massive Star Destroyer.

Snoke bringing in the big guns

A Redditor (greatjorb88) recently took to the Star Wars Leaks subreddit to reveal the supreme leader's massive battleship (dubbed Supremacy). Per the photo description, it is a Mega-class Star Destroyer which is the only ship of its kind.

The flying behemoth has an insane length of 60 kilometers that topples both Kylo Ren's Finalizer (3 kilometers) and the Super Star Destroyer Executor (19 kilometers).

The app known as Sphero described the Supremacy as the First Order fleet's "central command headquarters" and at the same time a "massively scaled battleship." That being said, it is expected to be heavily armed with nothing but the best technology and weaponry. Snoke managed to hide this goliath from the Resistance by residing within the Unknown Region's star systems.

A fitting name

The Resistance, on the other hand, will also be getting their own flagship -- dubbed The Raddus. Named after one of the Rebellion's bravest admirals, the Mon Calamari cruiser is roughly 3 kilometers in length and was the last of its kind to be built before the disarmament treaty between the New Republic and the Empire.

This cruiser is heavily automated and was "designed to be less crew intensive," which is quite fitting since the Resistance is more focused on thwarting the First Order's plans -- resulting in less manpower to maintain the ship

It's in Aurebesh

Meanwhile, another detail has been discovered in one of the Funko Pop figures that were spotted during the Force Friday event.

One of the fans (@Ugurb_M) bought a DJ (Benicio Del Toro) figure at the affair and found an Aurebesh inscription on its hat. The writing was then translated and it was read as "don't join." True enough that this fits Del Toro's codename in the upcoming film, though it is pretty much unlikely that this is the actual meaning of his moniker.

The fan theorized that this could be a message of some sorts. Others believe that this could be a hacker call sign since there are speculations that Del Toro's character is a master in breaking codes.

"Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi" will be out December 15. Check out a video about the film here: