Dan Harmon, one of the creators of "Rick and Morty" on Adult Swim slammed some fans of the show who blamed its Female writers for allegedly ruining season 3. The writer and executive producer said that these fans went as far as attacking the women online and he's not having any of it.

Dan Harmon, who co-created "Rick and Morty" with Justin Roiland, spoke to Entertainment Weekly (EW) about the harassment. He said he’s aware of discussions going around on communities like Reddit and social media where some fans apparently shared their dislike for the female writers.

A group of white male fans

Dan Harmon said he knows these types of people who attack the show's female writers. He said that a lot of his show's white male fans feel protective of "Rick and Morty," which can get overboard because they feel they own the show or have some entitlement over it. He said that some fans also have no understanding of how TV works and singling out the women writers highlighted this ignorance.

"Rick and Morty" hired female writers for the first time for the show's the third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The contribution of Jane Becker, Erica Rosbe, Sarah Carbiener and Jessica Gao helped balanced the writing staff.

But true enough, the harassment came as soon as season 3 started its run.

Male fans complained about how much the characters of Beth (Spencer Grammer) and Summer (Sarah Chalke) underscored the story arcs for season 3.

A lot of pressure

The female writers knew there would be a lot of pressure to write for the show considering how passionate the fans are. Some shared the kind of treatment they got from "Rick and Morty" fans and posted the examples on Twitter.

"[They] want to protect the content they think — and somehow combine that with their need to be proud of something they have, which is often only their race or gender," Dan Harmon told EW. "We all write the show together.

If you can tell the difference between one writer and another on a show I’m running I’ve probably gotten so lazy," the executive producer ranted.

Despite dissatisfaction from a small group, “Rick and Morty” season 3 has so far been having a good run in terms of story development. The show might be an animated series but its dialogue and plots are clever and thought-provoking.

But the series also continues to dominate the ratings on Sunday nights. It remains the second most-watched show on cable next to "Game of Thrones" last August, according to TV by the Numbers.