FOX will debut "The Orville" this September and the comedy series definitely looks familiar. The show is like a parody of a massive franchise, but fans of "Star Trek" might find that there’s a lot more to love about this comedy series.

According to one of the show's stars, "The Orville" is a good fit for "disgruntled Star Trek fans." Mark Jackson, who plays a crew member named Isaac in the series, told Screen Rant that the FOX comedy will appeal to viewers anticipating a new "Star Trek" show for years but never got one.

CBS, however, will also be debuting a new story for the franchise.

"Star Trek: Discovery" will premiere in September like "The Orville."

Jackson, however, doesn't think the new legitimate Trekkie show will appease the franchise's fans for one simple reason: they will have to pay to be able to watch "Star Trek: Discovery."

"That's only going to be available online and you have to pay a subscription for it," Jackson said. "So I think there’s going to be a few disgruntled Star Trek fans who will love [The Orville]."

Inspired by other space shows

"The Orville" is far from a homage to just the "Star Trek" franchise, though, according to The Hollywood Reporter's review. Comparisons aside, its creator and lead star, Seth MacFarlane, did not create the series based on just one established story.

"He's paying homage not just to the television shows, but to the great science fiction short stories and novellas and novels that were exploring morality plays," FOX Entertainment President David Madden told IGN.

Seth MacFarlane also told the press during the Television Critics Association event in June that he’s not bothered if the series is compared to “Star Trek.” In fact, the comparisons will be expected especially as plenty of the writers on “The Orville” used to work on the old “Star Trek” shows.

Comparison to ‘Galaxy Quest’

"The Orville" has also been compared to "Galaxy Quest," a sci-fi comedy film that starred Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen, and the late Alan Rickman. The dynamics of MacFarlane's character, Capt. Ed Mercer, and Adrianne Palicki's Kelly Greyson in “The Orville” has some similarities to Weaver and Allen’s characters’ tense relationship in the 1999 movie.

Incidentally, there were plans to adapt "Galaxy Quest" into TV show years ago but nothing got started. Rickman passed away and Allen was tied up to his now-canceled show, "Last Man Standing."

The Orville” will debut on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, at 8:00 PM on FOX. The show will settle in its Thursday 9:00 PM time schedule by Sept. 28.