On 'The Young and the Restless" things are looking up for Hilary. She went out of her way to make sure Juliet's pregnancy had an adverse impact on the Ashby marriage, but now it has backfired on her. Jordan ended their relationship and now is pursuing Lily. Hilary reached out to Cane to help keep them apart, and he agreed.He is not aware however that Ms. Curtis is playing all her angles and is even keeping a secret about his daughter Mattie.

Cane is being played by a woman once again

Hilary went out of her way to help Juliet initiate the sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane and "Brash and Sassy," because she hates Lily and enjoyed watching the pain she was causing the Ashby's.

Unfortunately for Hilary, once Lily put her husband out, Jordan ran straight to her. Now she is using Cane as a means to an end to prevent Jordan and Lily from hooking up. Mr. Ashby is out of his league with Hilary and does not realize he is being played.

On Thursday the two unlikely allies had a long talk at the athletic club and Cane let her know he had eaten breakfast with his wife and children. He believes he is keeping himself in good graces with his family, which will shut Jordan out.He also shared that he hates that Mattie wants to spend time with Reed Helstrom. Cane believes Victoria's son is a bad influence on his daughter and would like them to stay far away from each other.

Later Hilary spots the teens kissing and talks with her niece.

She pretends to be sympathetic and promises not to tell anyone they see each other. Now Hilary has made herself an ally to Lily's husband and daughter without either one knowing about the other. And best of all Lily is not in on the secrets. Cane was burned by Chloe and now Juliet is taking him or a ride. Even so, he does not seem to be aware that once again a woman is using him.

Cane and Hilary deserve each other

At first, Hilary was pushing Juliet to bond with Cane because he is her baby daddy and she wanted to see Lily suffer. Now she is going out of her way to emphasize to Ms. Helton that Cane will never leave his wife and children. Hilary Curtis does not care about the Ashby family, and she only wants Jordan to stop paying attention to Lily.

The only reason she began spending time with him was to make Devon jealous.

Hilary cannot accept that Jordan left her to pursue her former sister in law. And she is determined to keep them apart by any means necessary, even if she must become allies with Cane. She may even blackmail Mattie by threatening to expose her relationship with Reed unless the teen helps keep her mother away from Jordan. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to find out what Hillary does next.