Celebrity couple Spencer and Heidi Pratt have not been in the media for some time now. However, the couple has recently drawn attention to Heidi's pregnancy and have recaptured the media's attention. Spencer Pratt has opened up about the kind of parenting he is going to be introducing when his son is born and fans are skeptical about his ideologies.

The celebrity couple are expecting a baby boy

According to Windsor, celebrity couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Pratt are expecting a baby together. The couple became known to the world through the reality TV series "The Hills" and quickly became two of the most hated people on the show.

Their relationship was seen to be extremely turbulent and fans are surprised that Heidi is pregnant with Spencer's child. However, despite their differences, the pair have stuck together as their careers began to end. Heidi and Spencer starred on "Celebrity Big Brother" together where their celebrity status worsened as the public did not like the couple.

However, in a report by the Irish Times, the couple have found themselves in the spotlight for a positive reason in recent months as they announced that Heidi is due in October 2017. Fans are confident that Spencer Pratt will be documenting their son's birth and early life through his own social media as he has admitted he is addicted to the positive attention he receives from fans.

Spencer has revealed what he is going to teach his kid

According to the Irish News, Spencer Pratt revealed that he and his wife Heidi are going to be welcoming a baby boy to their family. The celebrity has announced that he is going to teach his son all about social media. Pratt has stated that he loves the attention he gets from social media and has revealed that he wants his son to thrive on the attention he receives from social media.

Pratt claims that they are living in a new world now where every one is sharing their own content. He stated that his son needs to know how to do that same so that he can be popular online. He revealed that he wants his son to be a professional content producer and is going to coach him about social media, as he grows older.

In a report by Windsor, it has been confirmed that Spencer and his wife Heidi already have their son's social media handles picked out. It appears that Spencer Pratt is very serious about introducing his newborn son to social media as soon as his son is born.

Fans are curious to see what kind of parents Spencer and Heidi Pratt will be to their new son and are questioning Pratt's decision of introducing social media so early.