Simon Cowell, the super-wealthy host of "America's Got Talent" took a barefoot stroll in West Hollywood on Saturday. The host we love to hate was with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and as the Mail Online pointed out, "he seemed unfazed by his lack of footwear as he smiled during a shopping trip."

His more than casual, shoeless trip to the shop was captured on camera. Thanks to TheCeleb, his laid-back day out to visit the chockie shop was posted up on Youtube.

Simon Cowell relaxed after recent X Factor wrap

Simon Cowell seems to be ultra-relaxed and happy this week.

He was also spotted wearing a pair of flip-flops, while out with his three-year-old son Eric and stunning girlfriend Lauren over the weekend. The Mirror wrote that "the star had flown back to Los Angeles after filming the latest series of X-Factor which debuted on TV earlier this month."

Obviously enjoying the company of his family, Simon, Lauren and little son, Eric were wearing matching blue and white outfits and didn't seem to mind too much when X17onlineVideo asked a few questions when they were on a trip to Kitross in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Nevertheless, Simon was obviously not too thrilled that the reporter took the opportunity to ask him how he felt about the London Bombing. It seems he tried to change the subject and glanced at his little boy Eric, who was holding his hand.

When the reporter persisted and asked again about his feelings on the London bombing, Simon replied that "this is not a good time." It was obvious that he did not want to talk about terror, bombs, and mayhem in front of his son.

X17onlineVideo commented on Youtube that Simon seemed to be surprised to hear about the terror attack in London, but more than likely he was just a bit taken aback at such an insensitive question in front of his child.

Simon can be scathing

As all of Simon Cowell's fans know, he can be scathing when he judges shows like 'X Factor,' 'Britain's Got Talent,' and 'America's Got Talent,' but maybe he was just kicking back as he fobbed off the reporter in a nice enough way.

Simon and his family dropped off some packages in their luxury auto before heading to Kitross Kids, maybe looking for some more casual wear for their son.

It is very obvious that Simon and his family are enjoying a laid back time in LA. Do you think it was inappropriate to ask him about the London bombing in front of Eric? Is going barefoot to the chocolate shop a tad over the top even for Simon Cowell?