Production for season 3 of the “Shadowhunters” is well underway in Toronto, Canada although the series takes place in New York. Ahead of the return of the series to Freeform in January, we have gathered some information about what fans can expect in the installment. With the ongoing filming, set photos and videos have come up online to tease some spoilers for the upcoming season.

Release date

The series will return in January although there is no exact Release Date yet. Odds are Season 3 will arrive on Jan. 2, 2018. Season 2 aired on the same date this year.

Jace and Clary will go on a date

Jace and Clary will go on a mundane date in Season 3, according to executive producer Todd Slavkin. It is about time they get to know each other better and talk about things other than the Shadow World. However, it may be a double date with Maia and Simon, according to leaked set photos and videos (awkward much).

On the good side, this means Simon will be reunited with his friends early on in the “Shadowhunters” Season 3. We do not know what his deal with the Seelie Queen is, but it is good to know that he is not confined to the Seelie Realm.

Season 3 Storyline

The new season will be based on “City of Fallen Angels,” the fifth “Mortal Instruments” book from Cassandra Clare.

Big Bad Lilith

We had our first glimpse at the season’s “Big Bad” in the Season 2 finale when Jonathan Morgenstern summoned her in his dying breath. Slavkin said in a tweet that they had already cast Lilith although we still do not know who will portray her. Rumors have it that Canadian actress Anna Hopkins, who plays Samantha Clayton in “Arrow,” has landed the role.

Jace will be under Lilith's control

Since the installment is influenced by “City of Fallen Angels,” then it is safe to assume that Jace will be under Lilith’s control in Season 3. He becomes vulnerable to demonic influences following his resurrection. He was right all along when he told Clary that there are consequences to his coming back from the dead.

What he experienced outside Hunter’s Moon in the Season 2 finale is only a tease of the grim fate that awaits him with Lilith’s arrival.

Clary will be in danger from Jace

We might see Clary become wary of her boyfriend in Season 3. In “City of Fallen Angels” Lilith orders Jace to kill Clary. Of course, we are sure that Clary will eventually find out that Jace is under Lilith’s influence, so she and the others will definitely find a way to defeat the demon.

Jonathan will return

Lilith’s arrival hints at the return of Jonathan. Will we see Jace help the demon resurrect Valentine’s son just like in the book?

Clary the artist will return

We will see more of Clary the artist in the “Shadowhunters” Season 3.

According to Slavkin, several episodes will have her talent on full display.