Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) will be back on scandalSeason 7, but this will be the crisis manager’s final bow. The new season will return with all-new episodes and they are all going to be pretty intense. In fact, the protagonist will be seen as one of the most powerful personalities in the show.

In a statement made by president of ABC Entertainment Channing Dungey (via News Recorder), the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes said that the political thriller television series needs to come to a close. And although this will really sadden the show’s fans, the television producer will surely make the final chapter as powerful like what fans expect to see.

“We will be sure to honor that every step of the way,” she said.

A deception to get Mellie’s position

In “Scandal” Season 7, the enemies of Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) will do everything to have her position.

In fact, Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) will be leading the rebellion to impeach the current president of the United States of America. The White House’s Chief of Staff deceives everyone by being part of the leader’s team, but he will still do everything to obtain her seat. He won’t even consider the debt of gratitude he has to Olivia.

Evidently, Mellie has to stay on guard of her position as Cyrus is going to attack anytime to have her spot as soon as possible. To recall, in the previous season’s finale, Olivia did everything to secure her candidate a seat in the White House.

She has taken down all the opposition and even made herself as the country’s Chief of Staff. Cyrus has been named as the new vice president while Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) has been promoted as the leader of OPA. Everything is working as planned. In fact, Olivia might become as one of the most powerful women in the United States.

She might even surpass the influence Mellie has.

Bellamy Young’s inner struggle

Meanwhile, in an interview with Variety, Bellamy Young is hoping that her character as Mellie will be strong enough to handle all the issues she has to face.

"I think life has taught Mellie to be a pragmatist,” she told the publication. In spite of this, the 47-year-old star described her character as a woman who has a romantic heart.

This is actually one of Mellie’s problems.

Her role has a very “romantic idea of people” and this trait often fails her. Hence, fans should wait and see the change happening in the White House and B613 now that Olivia is going to be more influential than her. Mellie, too, will be seen struggling with herself as she tries to find her inner strength, integrity, and voice in the middle of the tribulations.

“Scandal” Season 7 will be released in the fall on ABC.