ABC just dropped new key art for “Scandal” Season 7 at the recent Television Critics Association’s press tour. From the looks of it, the last and final chapter of the political thriller drama will be incredibly darker because of the things that are going to happen.

To recall, fans saw the darker side of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) in the previous season finale. The new teaser photo might just hint at the shady times that are about to come.

A dark theme

In the new key art, Olivia Pope is seen sitting alone in the dark on what-looks-like a bench at the park, Deadline reported.

The snap was taken from behind her. The Washington Monument and the Capitol Building can be visibly seen in the background while she is being lit by a shady white glow. A white hat and a large black bag can also be seen beside her. Does this mean “Scandal” Season 7 will be having a darker theme?

The beginning of the conflict

To recall, in the previous season’s final episode, Olivia Pope was running B-613. This surprised a lot of fans, so they are now wondering what will happen next in “Scandal” Season 7.

At the recent Television Critics Association’s press tour, ABC chief Channing Dungey revealed that the television series’ swan song will be “nothing short of spectacular,” Refinery 29 reported.

On top of this, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bellamy Young, who plays the role of the newly-elected president Mellie Grant, gave some tidbits about the coming final chapter. The 47-year-old star revealed that although it will start exactly where the sixth season left off; there will be a time jump happening to feature her presidency.

“But you know time is always elastic in Shondaland, so by the end of that first episode, we’re well into Mellie’s presidency,” she said.

She also teased Grant and Olivia Pope’s relationship in the upcoming seventh installment. "These are smart women with very similar perspectives and a solid history in D.C.,” she said. She also added that these two characters will be both surprised as they will soon find out that they have some differences in some areas.

She also warned that if it ever comes out that Olivia has changed her path and ally, it would be the beginning of a war between them.

As Olivia is serving at the White House with Mellie Grant and Quinn (Katie Lowes), who is now responsible for the Gladiators at Oliva Pope and Associates (OPA), fans should expect that something worse is about to happen.

“Scandal” Season 7 will return on Oct. 5 on ABC.