The world received some fantastic news a while ago that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child. Kate and William received congratulatory messages from the Queen and from people around the globe. The couple's relatives were delighted by the news, but Kate and William have not made any official comments about it. Even though the global community sent their well-wishes, people close to Kate are worried about her health. Kate suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum during her previous pregnancies.

According to a reporter for Sydney Morning Herald, the condition should be taken seriously.

It is a crippling pregnancy sickness that makes sufferers unable to hold down a glass of water at times. The only way a pregnant woman can deal with it in severe cases is to check in a medical center and have fluids administered by drip. The reporter's experience of chronic “morning sickness” was terrible and she used to vomit more than six times a day in the first twenty-five weeks of her pregnancy. She also used to carry “sick bags” whenever she went, dashed out of meetings to go to the bathroom and avoided the smell of food cooking. It was hard for her to go to work and she was forced to resign. She wrote that what she experienced was a walk in the park, compared to what Kate is suffering from - Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Last month, Kate was taken to a hospital in London

During her first two pregnancies, Middleton suffered from the condition that often results in severe morning sickness, and it's usually at its worst in the first months of pregnancy. Shortly after learning of her third pregnancy, Kate spent time in the emergency room. According to Hollywood Gossip, the Duchess of Cambridge was taken to a medical facility in London last month.

It was reported that she was experiencing dehydration and exhaustion. People believe the condition was caused by Hyperemesis Gravidarum which resulted in nausea and vomiting. She experienced it while pregnant with Prince George and also while pregnant with Princess Charlotte, and so it's not new to her.

12-year relationship of Kate and William

Kate and her husband William are determined to defy royal convention and are trying to raise their children as normally as possible. According to Daily Mail, the couple prefers to live like middle-class Middletons, even though the Queen anticipates that William will reign in a style similar to hers. He is trained to rule and has a lot of public engagements to attend to. Obviously, because of Kate's Illness, William would want to be available for her, but due to the heavy demands of his duties, Kate might eventually have to take on the responsibility of raising the kids alone while her husband carries out his official role.

Before their first baby was born, the two were together for 12 years, and their progression from dating to parenting was leisurely.

Kate got through the morning sickness of her last two pregnancies and she will get through it again with the new baby. They are aware the world is anticipating the royal baby and can’t wait to have the child in their arms.