Some celebrities, especially artists make mistakes that come to haunt them later in their lives. One of them is Usher Raymond. The star is being sued by multiple women, claiming he infected them with herpes. His legal team can't exactly deny he has the infection, but they argue that one anonymous woman can’t prove her claims that she got herpes from Usher. If you have not heard about Quantasia Sharpton, then you are not a loyal fan of Usher. She is the only woman who has come out publicly to claim that the singer exposed her to the infection. Sharpton sued the star last month, and now she's back with an alleged smoking gun- a sex tape.

Jessica Kohinoor interviewed Sharpton

According to BET, in a podcast interview, Sharpton was asked what she had to prove that she slept with Usher, and she stated that she had a video and the artist knew she was recording him. Jessica Kohinoor, the host of the show, couldn’t believe that Raymond was aware that his accuser was recording him, but Sharpton assured her that he was aware. The host incredulously asked her if she was serious and Sharpton assured her she was indeed, and that she had been saying people lie, but videos don’t.

She attended Usher’s concert on her birthday

Sharpton revealed that she keeps everything in her phone storage and does not delete anything. Bloom released a statement to Daily News stating that there is no sex video as Sharpton claimed and it was a misunderstanding.

She believed that there might be a hotel surveillance video. Quantasia Sharpton said that on her her birthday, she attended Usher’s concert, and the artist called her on stage. Usher allegedly returned with her to a hotel room and had sex with her. Sharpton did not contract the infection, but she accuses the star of dishonesty.

An employee of the hotel defended Quantasia

Two anonymous people, a man and a woman, also claim to have had sex with Raymond. Bloom said that one of them had herpes. According to New York Daily News, Usher settled a lawsuit with a famous stylist for $1.1 million after he had claimed he was diagnosed with herpes in 2009 or 2010.

After the settlement was reached, Sharpton and two other accusers surfaced. The “Yeah” singer had denied sleeping with the woman, but an employee of the hotel that Usher and Quantasia alleged slept in claimed that she met the singer in the lobby.

The accuser might be a scammer

But Sharpton’s past is questionable. According to BET, early last month, just after Quantasia accused Usher, people began to uncover her. Her friends revealed that she had allegedly called them after the press conference and told them all the details and said she’s a scammer. Sharpton had spoken about her alleged sexual experience with singer August Alsina but claimed that she was joking after being confronted in 2016. She also claimed to be in a relationship with Keith Powers. The world can only wait and see how it unfolds.