A lawsuit has been filed against actor Ryan Phillippe by his former girlfriend Elsie Hewitt, who claims that the “Shooter” actor physically abused her. In her lawsuit filing, Elsie claimed that Phillippe had punched, kicked, and thrown her down the stairs. A civil lawsuit has been filed against the 43-year-old actor, which claims that the domestic abuse followed after the couple were embroiled in a fight on July 3, 2017.

The court documents were obtained by PEOPLE magazine and revealed that the 21-year-old model had visited Phillippe’s house in the early hours of July 4 to get her belongings, which is when the physical abuse took place.

Hewitt had returned from a party the night before after being ignored by his girlfriend. However, sources close to the actor claim that the allegations that Elsie made against the actor are false. They also state that he wants nothing more than to clear the situation before it escalates.

Ryan Phillippe guilty of violence?

To support her claims of getting beaten up, Hewitt has provided the court with a number of photographs which shows bruises and cuts on her that she claims she received when Ryan threw her down the stairs. Apart from physical abuse allegations, the 21-year-old model has also charged Phillippe with drug abuse, which includes ecstasy, cocaine, mushrooms, steroids, and psychedelics.

The couple were in a relationship since April 2017 and split in July. The court documents state that the actor exhibited alcohol abuse and poly-drug symptoms, which included fits of anger and mood swings.

However, sources close to the actor claim that he is innocent, and it was Hewitt who was under influence. One of the sources claim that it was the Guess model who had turned up at Phillippe’s residence unannounced and under the influence a few days after the couple had broken up.

The person also states that it was she who attacked him physically and refused to leave. After she was removed from the residence forcibly, her claims of domestic abuse were reported.

Hewitt’s lawyer rubbishes claims of faking attack

Keith Fink, the lawyer who has been hired to represent Hewitt, has rubbished allegations that the model filed the lawsuit to get fame and money the easy way.

Fink stated to PEOPLE that she wants to take a stand against Domestic Violence, which is why she has filed the lawsuit. Fink further mentioned that neither Hewitt nor he will be making any money out of this case if it gets settled. All the settlement money will be donated to domestic violence charity, claims the lawyer. Hewitt has asked for $1 million as compensation for the physical harm caused to her.