Farrah Abraham is a hard worker as she has managed to launch several successful companies thanks to her "Teen Mom OG" platform. There's no denying that Farrah works hard to make money and put food on the table. She has been a single mother to little Sophia since she was born, as she lost Sophia's dad when he died in a sudden car accident. She was now forced to raise this little girl by herself and Farrah knew she had a long road ahead of her.

When Farrah Abraham started filming "Teen Mom OG," she was still living at home and she was ready to move on with her life.

For a while, she struggled to make it work, but when she filmed an adult movie with a well-known porn star, things took off. She was given a million dollars for it and she could now buy a house and start new companies. But it sounds like Sophia is along for the ride. Fans don't see Abraham dropping her daughter off at school in the morning like some of her co-stars. According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham is now traveling around Italy with her daughter and fans are wondering why Sophia isn't in school.

Not in school?

Farrah shared photos of herself and her daughter as they tried authentic Italian food, spend some time by the ocean and just bonded as mother and daughter. But since they are traveling in September when school is back in session, fans are wondering why Farrah would take her daughter on vacation when she's supposed to be in school.

"What about school for your daughter?" one follower asked Farrah Abraham but got no reply.

Several of her followers pointed out that Sophia was probably homeschooled, which is why she's able to take her daughter on vacation. Maybe this was the best time for them to travel together, as Abraham may have other work obligations.

Already concerns for Sophia

The lack of schooling is just another concern for little Sophia. Many of Farrah Abraham's followers are constantly worrying about the little girl because of the decisions Farrah is making. She's taking her daughter on red carpets, she's spoiling her by buying her a pony, and she's often exposing her to outrageous behavior.

Farrah doesn't hold back when she's fighting with her own mother, and Sophia has asked her mother to be nice to grandmother. Many fans are concerned that Sophia will grow up and be just as disrespectful as Abraham is to her own mother.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham possibly homeschooling Sophia so they can travel together?