Ryan Phillippe has been in the headlines this week mostly thanks to the rumor that he is dating pop singer and Hillary Clinton supporter, Katy Perry. In a caps-lock laden tweet, the actor shut down rumors about a budding romance between the two. It may look like a timely news bit, as Ryan Phillippe is also set to appear in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," which recently made its way back to FOX following a lengthy late winter break.

Ryan Phillippe as Gina's new love interest

The good news is that Chelsea Peretti's character, Gina Linetti, has survived her near-fatal bus accident.

Before "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" left for its winter break, it gave viewers something to think about: did Gina really dier from getting hit by a bus? Thankfully, she did not, as she is arguably one of the funniest and most polarizing characters on the series.

Things are in fact going to get interesting for Gina as she recovers from the accident, as she will receive a new love interest. According to The Wrap, Ryan Phillippe will guest star as Milton, a man who Gina will set her eyes on. The problem? Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) might get a little bit jealous, as he and Gina had quite a history. Ryan Phillippe will appear in the penultimate episode of the series, which will go on air next month.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' still on the bubble

It may look like time is ticking for the FOX comedy, as there hasn't been any word on a fifth season renewal. To make matters worse, the ratings that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" earned on its comeback was lukewarm. This week's episode, which resolved the Gina-getting-hit-by-a-bus cliffhanger, earned its series low of 0.7, 0.3 lower than their average.

But those ratings and the lack of an early season renewal for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" isn't fazing star and producer Andy Samberg at all. He recently told The Hollywood Reporter that there has been a change in the way television shows are measured in terms of success.

"I feel like we're right in there with all the other shows that I like," Samberg mused.

"I don't want to speak on behalf of the network, of course, but certainly the overnight ratings, they don't matter to me that much, I can tell you that."

Samberg also explained, "There's very few comedies, especially, left, and very few dramas too. Anything that's not event TV on networks that's getting massive ratings at this point."

In next week's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," viewers will get to see "Castle" star Nathan Fillion as he guest stars as a TV star obsessed with helping Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) solve a crime. The precinct will also have to deal with Terry's (Terry Crews) ex, who is in charge of auditing the precinct. FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.