There is always something cooking in the Kardashian family. The most successful girl in the family, Kylie Jenner has been trending on the web since her Sunday’s “Life of Kylie” episode. A while back, Kylie opened up about how she wanted to make her relationship private because speculations on the internet about her dating life was making it hard for her. Poor Kylie! Days ago, Rumors were out that she had broken up with Travis Scott.

Travis was seen with a woman

According to Hollywood Gossip, Kylie’s relationship with Travis wasn’t expected to last, and Travis was seen with a lady after leaving his friend Wiz Khalifa’s birthday party.

The mysterious woman has not been identified. It was unclear how they were related, but fans assumed Travis had found a new girl. Being aware of how the rumors were circulating, Travis would have avoided being seen with another girl, even if Kylie was okay with it.

Kylie dates rappers

Kylie probably has a thing for rappers. She hooked up with Tyga when she was 17 and broke up with him two years later. She and Travis started dating in April this year. On one of “Life of Kylie” August’s episode, Kylie had revealed that Travis was ‘obsessed’ with her. Travis proved his love for Kylie by celebrating her 20th birthday in style. The rapper rented out the Cinepolis theatre where he set up a movie screening of Halle Barry’s “Kidnap” for Kylie and close friends and family.

he gave her a golden butterfly chain, which was a symbol of their relationship.

According to In Touch Weekly, on Saturday, Travis Scott was performing at the Day N Night festival in Anaheim, and Kylie was spotted in the crowd close to the stage watching her man entertain his fans. The rapper flew over his audience riding on the back of a giant bird as he amazed his crowd with his rhymes.

His leading fan, Kylie cheered with the rest of the audience.

Kylie asked for love advice from a shaman

Meanwhile, in the “Life Of Kylie” preview clip, Kylie visited a shaman with her crew. The reality TV star asked for love advice, and she told her that there was one person who was very interested in her and he was already talking to her.

The shaman added that the guy had good intentions and was ‘inside looking at Kylie.' She went to Peru to visit Smile Train, an organization that helps children with clefts which Kylie Cosmetics is funding. Kris Jenner joked and asked if the guy's name started with ‘T,' but the shaman didn’t answer. Obviously, Travis is not the only one with a ‘T,’ but also Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga. There is not much information about the shaman, and maybe Kylie didn’t believe it. She may have just been doing it for the cameras. Let's hope Kylie and Scott will last forever.