Formula One legend Michael Schumacher soared high in the world of car racing between 1991 and 2012 until he had an accident while skiing with his son in the French Alps in December 2013. Since the accident, he’s never been seen in public and his family appears low-key during important events of his son, Mick, who’s following in his footsteps. As a result of not providing updates about his health condition, several speculations have surfaced online including one that suggests he may never recover. Recently, a survey conducted by motoring website Wheels24 earned thousands of votes from fans demanding they inform them about his health status.

Fans want to know about his health condition

According to the website’s Poll, there were 3,283 or 16 percent fans who believe that they should be informed about the health condition of Michael Schumacher. For most fans, the F1 legend has a high profile status and they feel that everyone deserves to know. On the other hand, 5,339 people suggest that he also deserves privacy while the other 11,830 voters only want to know if he’s okay. "Yes, it should be made public. He was millions of peoples hero,” one fan wrote.

Michael may not recover

Sabine Kehm, the manager of Michael Schumacher previously put a closure to everyone’s requests to make his health condition known to the public. She said that they will not provide any information about the F1 legend’s health status to protect his privacy.

However, a close friend of the German racing driver said that it’s going to be difficult for him to recover. "After a neurological accident, you always have hopes," ex-F1 star Philippe Streiff told Daily Star Online. “But after more than three years, it’s probably more difficult.”

Asked whether Michael Schumacher will ever recover from the catastrophic accident, Streiff said that it’s 100 percent sure that he probably won’t recover.

However, he hopes that he will make a comeback for his fans that have been waiting to see him after the accident. He previously told a French newspaper that his friend has been having difficulty talking, although he can recognize the people close to him. Streiff is also disabled and in a wheelchair after he met an accident during his car racing days in 1989.

Michael’s family wants privacy

However, Sabine Kehm said that Streiff’s comments about the health condition of Michael Schumacher were just “his opinions” and claimed that those were inaccurate. The manager said that the F1 legend’s family is firm about their decision not to publicize his health status. She asked everyone to respect their privacy. Many fans, however, can’t take the idea of not giving them a little information about the car racing legend.