Kylie Jenner has been an inspiration to teenagers. At the age of 20, she is already making more money than most celebrities, thanks to her company, Kylie Cosmetics, which was inspired by the insecurity she had with her lips. Also, she has her own show, "Life Of Kylie," where she talks about issues surrounding her. On Sunday’s episode, she revealed the reason she opted to have her lips surgically modified.

Kylie was speaking to her therapist

According to The Sun, Kylie was speaking to her therapist and explained that she felt insecure with her lips when she was 15.

She thought her lips were small after she kissed a guy and he made a remark that affected her self-confidence. He told her that he thought she wouldn't be a Good Kisser due to her small lips. She said that she liked the guy, and when he said that, it affected her and she no longer felt desirable or lovely.

She started overlining her lips with lip liners to make them look big but it wasn’t working out for her, and she decided to have her lips done. It's surprising that despite Kylie having a multi million dollar cosmetic company and almost 100 million followers on Instagram, she was affected by a boy’s opinion, even if she was a teenager back then.

Rumors about her lips enlargement emerged three years ago

In 2014, rumors about Kylie enhancing her lips made rounds on the web, but she denied the rumors. In an interview that year, she said that she felt like everyone was talking about it and she was annoyed. In 2015, the reality TV star came clean, and in one of the "KUWTK" episodes, she revealed that she had done it due to insecurity, and she wanted to tell the truth about it, but people’s judgment made her uncomfortable to admit having enhancements.

Her mom, Kris Jenner wasn’t impressed with Kylie’s decision to get fillers, but she let the issue pass without much fuss.

They traveled to Peru

In the show, Kylie Jenner stayed that her lack of confidence with her lips is what inspired her to support Smile Train, which helps children with clefts. Last year, she launched an exclusive edition of her lip kits and donated a hundred percent of its sales to the organization.

She traveled to Peru, where it is based at, with her mom and friend Jordyn Woods. They visited baby Mia who was about to undergo surgery for her cleft in a clinic in Lima. Kylie expressed how it would be hard for her as a mother to see her baby going through surgery and felt pity for Mia’s mom.