Everyone will no doubt agree that the long wait for the return of "Rick and Morty" is worth it. Starting from "The Rickshank Redemption" to episode 7, "The Ricklantis Mixup," everything is very interesting. The show's popularity is unstoppable which can be proven by its recently hit soundtrack on the Billboard.

One of the most memorable episodes is when Rick became a pickle in episode 3. He turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to family counseling. And this action backfires on him when he was washed into the sewer. He also had an encounter with the assassin Jaguar, voiced by Danny Trejo, who was introduced in that episode.

Pickle Rick's inspiration

But did you know that Pickle Rick is inspired by one of the greatest series of all time? In an interview with Fast Company, co-creator Dan Harmon revealed the idea behind Rick turning into a pickle.

According to him, the big inspiration behind it is the "4 Days Out" episode of Breaking Bad where the Winnebago breaks down while in the desert. In the said episode, Walter White is dealing with primal forces, and he was trapped in a hot van. His only option was to use his basic science knowledge to keep himself alive in the sweltering desert.

Pickle Rick was in a similar situation when he was trapped in a sewer, and only his intelligence will keep him alive. He used body parts from dead roaches and rats so he could get out of the situation.

After injecting himself with the serum from his daughter Beth, Rick was bonded with Jaguar and eventually came back right on time for the family's therapy appointment with Dr. Wong.

Show's song hit Billboard

In another news, the song titled "Terryfold" of "Rick and Morty" made it to the Billboard. The song is from Seattle-based duo Chaos Chaos which managed to get to No.

33. It got 1.1 million streams in the US and over 1,000 downloads for the week of Sept.7 which helped it get on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs Chart.

The song, which is from the "Rest and Ricklaxation episode," features the vocals of co-creator Justin Roiland wherein he sings some parts of the song like: "Grab my Terryfolds. Grab my foldy flaps.

Grab my foldy holds."

Hitting the Billboard is one proof of the show's popularity. Aside from that, live stream videos of the show are also all over YouTube. These videos are not yet taken down since Adult Swim did not file any copyright claim to Google's video streaming platform.

The next "Rick and Morty" episode is titled "Morty's Mind Blowers" which will air on Sept.17 on Adult Swim.