The insane world of Adult Swim's unlikely duo that is "Rick and Morty" has introduced an array of straight out from the garage gizmos that accompanied the protagonists in their out of this world mishaps. This has inspired a well-known comic book publisher to release an Art Book featuring these pieces of work including some sketches of the show's characters.

Book of Rickalities

Entitled "The Art of Rick and Morty," the upcoming book – written by James Siciliano with Justin Roiland on forewords – was published by Dark Horse Comics. The hardback will feature a plethora of artworks of the gadgets used by both Rick and his grandson Morty.

Tutorials on how to draw the show's notable characters are also included within its colored pages. The publication even provided a sneak peek as it showcased the Interdimensional Cable, Mr. Meeseeks, the Gromflomites, and of course, Rick and Morty.

Per Dark Horse's website, the art book will be out this September 12 and is currently accepting pre-orders through Amazon, Indigo, Booksamillion, and Barnes & Noble. Aside from its regular variant, the book also has a nifty-looking glow in the dark edition and will be priced at $39.99.

A schwifty fan theory

In other "Rick and Morty" news, an old fan theory has some resurfaced as it is still very much relevant with the animated series' current run.

A Redditor (cdinzmcc) posted a lengthy and plausible fan theory in one of the show's subreddit about Rick's helmet that is constantly seen in the series.

Per the year-old post, the Redditor claimed that the alcoholic mad man could be working on a suicide helmet. It also pointed out that after Rick came to an admission that his uncertainty and time started to fracture, every "fracture alternates between the suicide helmet being in and out of view." The Redditor stated that this means that Rick is somewhat having second thoughts of killing himself.

It also took notice the scenes where it widens to include the helmet in every fracture.

Rick calling the prayer line

Meanwhile, Justin Roiland made quite a buzz recently as he made a prank call on Joel Osteen's prayer line. The call was part of a dare during H3H3's recent charity podcast for Hurricane Harvey victims. The call started off just fine with Roiland calling in as Rick. However, by the time he mentioned that he is about to donate $87,000, the lady on the other line seems to have been possessed by something as she spoke in tongues. Check out the video here: