Sandra Bullock, the American actress, and philanthropist has wowed us all again. This generous lady announced on Monday that she would be donating $1 million to support the rescue efforts in Hurricane Harvey. She hopes that the money can be used to help those suffering in the aftermath of the disaster. Texas has quite a pull on her heart strings as that is where the actress grew up.

The philanthropist

This is not the first time that Bullock has wowed her with her generosity and caring nature. The actress is a faithful supporter of the Red Cross and makes regular donations.

She donated $1 million to the Red Cross after the 9/11 Tragedy, according to CNN. She did the same when a tsunami struck Indonesia in 2004 and again when Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans.

The actress told the press in a statement that she is always just grateful when she can help in some or other way. According to AV Club, Bullock strongly believes in the importance of helping each other out. And she doesn't even want the credit. Most of the times when she makes donations she does it on the sly.

Several other celebrities have also opened their wallets to help those in Texas. These include stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kevin Hart, according to CNN.

The Red Cross' Statement

After Bullock made her donation on Monday, the Red Cross spoke to media, praising the star for her kind heart.

They told the media of Bullock, a lady who always supports them and never wants to take credit for her kind heart. Elizabeth Penniman, vice president of communications for the Red Cross told the media that the Red Cross is incredibly thankful for the generous hearts of Americans.They appreciate all the donations that they are receiving.

She added that the disaster did not end as the Hurricane left. There are still thousands of people without homes and in need of food and other support. The Red Cross would not be able to help these people, were it not for the generosity of stars like Sandra Bullock.

There is still much to be done in Texas. 24 people died in the flooding and many people lost their homes.

If you want to support those in need, you can make donations by sending items through Amazon Wish List or by sending cash to local organizations in Texas. Let Sandra Bullock serve as an example to us all and inspire us all to have bigger hearts and more caring thoughts. Our thoughts prayers go out to all those who have suffered as a result of Hurricane Harvey!