One Punch ManSeason 2 is making everyone excited. Even if there is no confirmed date yet on when the next season will be released, the director of Studio Madhouse, Shingo Natsume, is starting to release information about the anime series.

During his interview with Otaquest, Natsume did not give out any spoilers about Season 2. However, he guaranteed fans that the story for the next season will follow the story from the manga and the webcomic versions. If the next season will follow the webcomic version, the possibility of following the Monster Association arc is high.

During this season, Saitama entered the martial arts tournament and used the name Charanko, Bang’s former disciple.

Garou’s true strength

One Punch ManSeason 2 is one of the most anticipated seasons for this year. Unfortunately, Madhouse and Viz Media are not releasing any information about the story nor the official release date. Since fans are left in the dark, a lot of rumors are attaching to the next season.

The most popular rumor is about Saitama tasting his first defeat. There are fan theories claiming that Garou will defeat Saitama in a one-on-one brawl. Garou’s ability will greatly evolve in the next season, and he will transform into his demonic form to defeat the bald hero. He will also figure out Saitama’s weakness and use it to his advantage.

Another story arc

Other than Garou, there also others saying that another hero named Sonic will deliver Saitama’s first taste of defeat. Sonic is a new character expected to be introduced in the second season. Although he is not yet shown in the anime, fans of the manga and webcomic versions know how powerful this character is.

Sonic was trained by a shinobi and is equipped with the powers and ability to face and defeat Saitama. He also allegedly gets his powers from consuming a Monster Cell. This Monster Cell gave him the ability and the strength of a monster.

The release date

Currently, there is no information yet about how many episodes the second season will have.

Also, the exact release date of “One Punch ManSeason 2 is still a big mystery. Everyone is expecting for the anime to be back by early 2018. There are also others who believe that Madhouse and Viz Media will surprise all fans and release it in October, the same month when the first season was released. Once "One Punch Man" is back, the rumors and speculations that Saitama will taste his first defeat will be answered.